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Read how to reach Pench national park by various ways. It is a popular tiger reserve in Central India. Whenever we talk about Pench national park, we also talk about Mowgli, the character of "The Jungle Book". Although the it is a fictional story but it is inspired from the real-life story of a jungle boy who was actually found in this forest area, living a wild life with gang of wolves. The locations, sites mentioned in book are actually found in this forest area thus its importance increases. Forest area of Pench Tiger Reserve is spread over two states i.e. Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. Both the states have their own entrance gates for safari drives with own rules and regulations. As if now, Touria (or Turia) is the most popular entrance gate of Pench national park which lies in Madhya Pradesh state. Majority of popular resorts and safari lodges are located close to Touria entrance gate thus majority of tourists prefers to reach this entrance gate for safari trips. It is approx. 110kms from Nagpur city and 210kms from Jabalpur city. Majority of tourists are reaching Pench national park from these two popular arrival and departure points. Road connectivity from both the cities is good. Here we have discussed the answer to an important question i.e. "how to reach Pench". Tourists are visiting this national park by using flight options, train option and road connectivity. Train and flights can help you to reach close to Pench national park but further journey towards park is possible by road transfer. As majority of resorts are located near Touria entrance gate so we have taken distance information from this entrance gate. Some resorts and lodges are located near Jhamtara (also called Jamtara) gate, Karmajhiri gate, Khursapar gate also. According to resort location, distance information may vary. Below we have discussed various way to reach Pench, lets check them one by one.

By Flight
For reaching Pench national park by flight option, the best way is to reach Nagpur airport (Touria gate 110kms/02:30hrs) or Jabalpur airport (Touria gate 210kms/04:00hrs). Nagpur airport (IATA code: NAG) is officially named as Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar International Airport. It is the nearest airport for reaching Pench thus majority of tourists are using this option. Being having status of International Airport, and belonging to a large city, its flight connectivity from popular arrival points like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad is very good. Variety of flight options are available at good rate. Further journey is possible by taxi service. Second nearby airport option is Jabalpur Airport (IATA Code: JLR) which is a small airport but have flight connectivity from Delhi and Mumbai. After reaching Jabalpur airport, further journey is possible by taxi. If you ask for third nearby airport option then you may consider Raipur airport (IATA Code: RPR). It is approx. 330kms from national park and having good flight connectivity from many cities like Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Indore etc. This option may also be considered in worst case. We are operating tourist taxi services from Raipur to Pench national park.

By Train
Train journey is the most popular way of transportation in India as it is in reach of middle-class people. Those who can't afford to pay high prices of flight transfers, can consider train journey as second best mode of transportation. Nearest railway station to Pench national park is Nagpur railway station (Code: NGP) at a distance of 110kms. It is having good connectivity from cities and tourist destinations like Mumbai, Pune, Jalgaon, Varanasi, Kolkata, Delhi, Jaipur, Agra, Sawai Madhopur, Puri, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Mysore etc. Further journey from Nagpur to Pench is possible by taxi service, availed by us. It is also suitable for resorts located near Jamtara gate, Khursapar entrance gate, Sillari gate. Second best option is Gondia railway station, which is a small station but tourist can reach this station and do further journey by taxi option. Thirst best option is to reach Jabalpur station (Code: JBP) which is a big station at a distance of 200kms. Jabalpur railway station is having direct train connectivity from Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Raipur, Jaipur, Sawai Madhopur, Agra, Varanasi, Bhopal, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad etc. It is a popular railway station as it is used for reaching 5 popular tiger reserves of Central India. Further journey from Jabalpur to Pench is possible by taxi option, offered by us. Jabalpur railway station is also suitable for resorts located near Karmajhiri entrance gate.

By Road
Pench national park is having good road connectivity. If you have planned to travel by flight or train option, further journeys from flight or railway-station is possible by road option. Their are many entrance gates for Pench national park in which some of them are in Maharashtra state and some are in Madhya Pradesh state. According to their resort location, tourists can decide their preferred arrival point. Pench national park is having bus connectivity from Nagpur, Seoni, Jabalpur, Chhindwara, Balaghat etc. As resorts are located away from main roads thus bus is not the best option to reach by road. For further journey, one have to depend upon local taxi or other vehicles. As it is a remote location so taxi is the best way for road journey which allows us to reach our resort by undertaking journey from any point at any time by saving our precious time. Taxi service are also available from nearby tourist destinations like Tadoba national park, Bandhavgarh , Kanha national park , Pachmarhi, Satpura National Park, Nagzira, Gondia, Raipur etc.

Nagpur to Pench
Pench national park lies in North-East of Nagpur city. As it is having various entrance gates, thus travel routes also varies but among them NH44 (earlier called NH7) is mainly used to get road connectivity from Nagpur to Pench national park. For entrance gates like Sillari, Khursapar, Touria, Karmajhiri we will use NH44. Sillari and Khursapar entrance gates are in Maharashtra state so considered are nearest one. Touria and Karmajhiri entrance gates are in Madhya Pradesh entrance gates. In between them Touria (or Turia) entrance gate is close to Nagpur (110kms) and also most popular one due to majority of resorts location. Karmajhiri entrance gate is approx. 140kms from Nagpur. If you are planning to travel by bus then you can find good number of buses running on NH44, coming from Nagpur and Jabalpur. Bus can drop you to Khawasa village for reaching Touria gate resort. Further journey from Khawasa to Touria (12kms) is possible by hiring local vehicle. Similarly for Karmajhiri, bus will drop at Suktara turning in Highway and further distance is 30kms, to be covered by local vehicle or bus (not frequently available). Thus we recommend taxi transfer as the best way to travel by road. For reaching Jamtara entrance gate, we use different route i.e. via Savner, Bichua. It is approx. 160kms from Nagpur.

Jabalpur to Pench
If we come from Jabalpur city, we will again use NH44 to drive upto Khawasa village and then take right-turn to reach Touria entrance gate. This road routes comes via Lakhnadon - Seoni - Roohkhad offering sighting of towns, villages, jungles. It is a busy route and road condition is good. Pench lies in south-west of Jabalpur city. Those who are planning to reach Pench by flight or train option, may consider Jabalpur as second best option.

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