Collarwali Tigress

Lets check information about Collarwali Tigress in Pench national park which was collared in year 2012 and before that she is known by name of T-15. This national park is located in lower southern reaches of the Satpura hills is named after Pench River which flows from north to south through this tiger reserve. Pench is located on the southern boundary of Madhya Pradesh where some of its part lies in Maharashtra state also. Pench Tiger Reserve is situated in the Seoni District and touches Chhindwara district of Madhya Pradesh and runs in continuation with Pench National Park in Maharashtra. It is situated 80 Kms from Nagpur. Pench is among the most visited national parks of India. This park derives its name from the Pench River that divides the place in almost two equal halves. The Pench National Park is very rich in fauna and a number of endangered species have made it their habitat. There are 25 tigers under this umbrella of the Park. The Pench National Park is home of vast variety of mammals and reptiles. It is because of its diverse fauna that the park is so famous. But the herbivorous mammals rule the roost here. They are frequently sighted by the tourists on the jeep safari and elephants. The mammalian species of Pench is typical Central Indian fauna with tiger as the apex species in the food chain. Tigers of the Pench National Park are very famous among tourists and wildlife photographers. An documentary film "Spy in the Jungle" by BBC was on Badimada Tigress of Pench, has made this tiger reserve more popular among wildlife lovers. Collarwali tigress is daughter of same Barimada tigress of Pench. After Badimada, Collarwali tigress and Baghinnala tigress of Pench were favorite of wildlife lovers and tiger photographers. They are sisters in relation and done great contribution in Pench tigers population. After deaths of Badimada (T-31) tigress and Baghinnala tigress, Collarwali tigress is the senior most tigress and prominent figure in Pench wildlife. We can call it as living matriarch of Pench.

Collarwali Tigress

Collarwali Tigress (T-15) Litter Chart
Litter Approx. Time Particulars
Litter-1 May-2008 03 Cubs, None survived.
Litter-2 October-2008 04 Cubs
Litter-3 October-2010 05 Cubs
Litter-4 March-2012 03 Cubs
Litter-5 October-2013 03 Cubs
Litter-6 March-2015 04 Cubs
Litter-7 December-2016 04 Cubs
Collarwali tigress was born in October 2005 and visible publicaly since year 2006. She was the second litter of Badimada (T-31) tigress and her father was T-1 tiger which is often called "Charger" of Pench. Originally "Charger" name was of Bandhavgarh aggressive male tiger. T-1 was also aggressive by nature due to which he was awarded with this name. Collarwali tigress was the part of same Badimada tigress family which was featured in popular documentary "Spy in the Jungle". Collarwali tigress and Baghinnala tigress are among first 4 cubs of Barimada tigress who survived successfully and established their own independent territories. Among them, Collarwali tigress was the first to establish her territory, covering prime range of Badimada area. This region has good density of Chital due to which here prey-base is good. Pench national park is also know for high density of herbivores animals and during Pench safari, we will find different animals at frequent intervals. Her first litter came in May 2008 but unfortunately, they did not survived. This time Collarwali selected Kalapahar to deliver her first litter. She again littered (second litter) in same year October 2008 with four cubs in which three are males and one female. They were named C4, C5, C6 and C7. They all survived and often seen near Chitalpahari caves which was just 100 meters from Pench river which ensures water supply. This was the safe hideout for them, with no human disturbance. Among them, C4 was radio-collared in March 2010 but didn't last too long. This male tiger later moved into Pench forest area laying in Maharashtra state due to which no more recorded. After this, third litter came in October 2010, as a result of mating with T-30 tiger. This time she produced 5 cubs named C8, C9, C10, C11, C12. Their movements, in jungle was captured by many wildlife photographers as movement of 6 tigers is rarely seen by anyone, in his lifetime thus they were the prime attraction of park for sometime, till they separated in January 2012. Her fourth litter was delivered in March 2012, as a result of mating with Sula tiger (S1). In fourth litter, she delivered 3 cubs named C13, C14, and C15. This time she chose nearby area of Alikatta Elephant camp where lantana scrubs are widely spread, offering safe hideout for cubs. In October 2013, we have seen her 5th litter with three cubs named C16, C17, C18. They all are male members. Continuing the chain, we have seen her 6th litter in March 2015 when she produced 2 males and 2 female members. They were named C19, C20, C21 and C22. By delivering 7th litter in December 2016, Collarwali tigress made a record. This time she delivered 4 cubs named C23, C24, C25 and C26.

Collarwali has had all the litters from three mates - T30, Chhota Male and the latest, Rayyakasa, who has been with her since 2012. Tiger experts say seven litters in a lifespan of 12 years is rare as a tigress normally has her first litter at the age of three and waits at least two years before the next one. Plus, the number of cubs per litter is purely a biological phenomenon, and tigresses can have as few as 12 cubs from six litters. In Collarwali Baghin's case, therefore, it's not just the number of litters but also the number of cubs that make her special. All above shows the specialties of Collarwali Baghin.

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