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Discipline is necessary for successful management of any organization, group or association. For successful management of tourism in Pench National Park, park authority have laid some important rules and regulations for everyone to ensure success of their efforts to implement best tourism management, successful implementation of wildlife conservation programs, make this place better for every section.

Park Rules & Vital Information for Tourism

  • Abide all park rules and regulations, laid in notice boards, brochures, informed by safari guides.
  • Obtain valid permit, before visiting the national park, through jungle safari drive.
  • All the visitors should must carry their original ID documents, during all safari drives. Child below 05 years is exempted from this condition.
  • Drive slow inside the safari area. Recommended speed limit is 20km/hr.
  • Do enter the park with any fire arm or explosive.
  • Do not carry any radio, transistor, tape-recorder.
  • Using service of safari guide is mandatory for every safari vehicle.
  • Obey all the instructions of safari guide. Safari guide is the supreme authority, during safari drive.
  • Do not blow horn, while you are inside the national park area.
  • Do not litter with drink-cans, water bottles, cold-drink bottles, wrappers.
  • Always carry your own water bottles, during all safari drives. Getting down is not allowed during safari and water is not available at any place.
  • Maintain silence and discipline, during safari drives.
  • Don't get down from safari vehicle, unless with permission of safari guide.
  • Don't remove any forest property.
  • Pets are not allowed during safari drives.
  • Use of any polythene bags is strictly prohibited in whole region.
  • If we are in elephant ride, then it is our duty to follow instruction of Mahout
  • While doing jungle safaris, do not chase or tease any animal or bird to draw their attention. Tourists mostly do this for sake for photography.
  • Overtaking any safari vehicle is strictly prohibited and it is also dangerous.
  • Animal has the first right of the way so respect their right. Forest is their home and we are outsider so we should behave like a good guest.
  • Carrying mobile phone and using them inside the park is prohibited. Also we will hardly get any network so it is not worth to carry mobile phones during safari drives.
  • Maintain minimum distance of 30 meters while viewing wildlife.
  • Park guide should be paid declared fee if not dropped on the same gate.
  • Use only registered safari vehicle for any kind of safari drives.

For Visitors

  • Forest roads are rough, bumpy and shaky so always sit properly and remain alert. Their are bars to hold on so as to reduce shaking effect.
  • Abide with laid code of conduct, Do's and Dont's.
  • Avoid wastage of resources.
  • Always carry your original ID document, during safari drives. For Indian citizen, they may carry their driving license, PAN Card, Adhaar Card, Passport, Voter ID card, Central/State Govt. ID card. Where as for Foreigner tourist, only Passport is treated as ID document.
  • Drink less and use washroom before going safari as during safari, we will get only one chance of getting down, at central point, after driver of approx. 2:00 hrs prepare yourself accordingly.
  • Carrying caps, hats, sun-glasses, sufficient memory cards, camera sandbags to enjoy the safari.
  • Safari guide is a knowledge base so ask all sort of questions to take the knowledgeable information from him. Don't wait for him to explain by itself as they often remain busy in hearing jungle calls, observing safari tracks for pugmarks, planning safari drive.
  • Wherever you want to do any photography or watch something, inform the guide or driver so that they will stop or move slowly or position the vehicle as per your requirement.
  • Safari vehicles have to strictly follow entry & exit timing so always cooperate with your safari guide and driver and do proper time management.
  • Don't feed any animal or bird during whole jungle safari drive. It is strictly prohibited. Inside the jungle, they have sufficient to eat and not dependent on visitors. Feeding them may cause adverse affect on their health, may cause spreading of any disease etc. so never attempt this.

For Host Community

  • Avoid overusing of area.
  • Respect the value of environment and cultural heritage.
  • Co-operate with the authorities in ensuring healthy eco-tourism.
  • Be friendly with visitors as effective "conservationist" & "nature guides".
  • If anything wrong has been noticed or came into knowledge, report it to appropriate authority.

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