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Since year 2015, we hearing about Full-vehicle permit and Single Seat permit type. These safari ticket booking choices are available for all prominent tiger reserves of Madhya Pradesh like Kanha tiger reserve, Satpura tiger reserve, Bandhavgarh national park, Panna tiger reserve etc. For a tourist, who is new for safari booking process will must thought of what is Full vehicle permit and Single seat permit and which option should he choose and why. Here we have tried to answer such questions for our readers so that they will be aware of available safari tickets booking options and able to choose best one, most close to their requirement. Give page is for Full vehicle permit system so you will find more information on Full vehicle permit in compare to Single seat permit, for which we have separate web-page. Please read the below given information carefully and if you have any query, please feel free to write to us.

Full Vehicle Permit

As the name suggests full-vehicle permit means booking full safari vehicle for own in non-sharing mode. It is also called non-sharing safari. Maximum 06 tourists are allowed in a single safari vehicle, apart from safari guide and vehicle driver. Full vehicle permit means we are paying fee for all 06 seats, to forest department and thus no other tourist will be allowed to share those seats. In Single seat permit system, each seat is sold separately so we call it sharing safari mode. Full vehicle safari is usually adopted by those tourists who would like to undertake jungle safari drives with more freedom, as per their conditions and don't want any kind of disturbance while doing game drives. It is most suitable for wildlife photographers, tiger photographers, family members and if total number of visitors are 4 or 5 or 6. Here in Pench national park, majority of safari tickets are sold under full-vehicle permit category and very few approx. 2 safari vehicles are leaved for sharing safari. This quota is decided by park management and we can't raise any question over their decision. In order to understand the difference between Full vehicle permit and Single seat permit, we should read the given below pros & cons of Full vehicle permit system. This will help us to understand the difference and take suitable decision.

Pros of Full Vehicle Permit

Let's check the benefits of Full vehicle permit system, in compare to Single seat permit system.
  • Privacy: Full vehicle permit system ensures more privacy to tourists as safari vehicle will not be shared by any other tourists. It is more suitable for female visitors, couples, friends, senior citizens, VIP tourist etc.
  • Ascertained Fee: This means you will know the total per safari cost at the time of ticket booking. Safari cost includes 3 type of fees i.e. Permit or Ticket fee + Guide fee + Vehicle fee. In full safari fee, this total will be known to us in advance which is not so in case of Single safari permit because share of safari vehicle fee+guide fee will be known, on reaching ticket counter, at the time of safari and official will distribute the total of vehicle fee+guide fee in between actual number of visitors, present their for one particular safari vehicle. This per person share could vary so not decided in advance thus guest is required to carry sufficient cash to pay as per instruction.
  • Flexible Sitting: As in full-vehicle permit, their is not other sharing party so tourists have the flexibility to sit on any of the seat in 2nd row or 3rd row and may change their seating positions at anytime during safari drive.
  • More Freedom: Difference between views of any two person is obvious or natural. During safari, we have seen that many time tourist would like to stop the vehicle at any point for some photography, to view the scene, for any mammal/bird/tree sightseeing or for some bird/mammal calls. At the same time if somebody is not interested to stop the vehicle at any point and would be in hurry to reach some other point like waterhole etc. in expectation of some sighting then contradictory situation arises. This is common in sharing safaris thus non-sharing safari is better in that way to enjoy safari as per own conditions. Although final decision is taken by safari guide as he enjoys the supreme authority in safari vehicle.
  • Pick & Drop from Hotel: In case of full-vehicle permit, safari vehicle will reach your hotel/resort for pick-up and drop you back to your hotel/lodge, at the end of safari drive.
  • Photography: Watching jungle photographs generates a soothing & relaxation feel in our mind. By nature, we all are nature lover. Large number of wildlife photographers, visits tiger reserves to catch some rare wildlife moments and share with world.
  • Timely Entry: Full safari permit vehicles can enter inside the park the the park opening time, without any wastage of time. If delay is from tourist side, then matter is different. Single safari permit vehicles often get delayed by 15-20 minutes as many time some of the sharing partners reached late to entrance gate, calculation of per head share to pay gypsy+guide fee, time taken for payment collection from each visitors etc.
  • Multi-gate Entry: If park authority permits entry from different entrance gate also then such privilege is availed to full-safari vehicle only as single-permit safari vehicle is available its designated entrance gate only so it is mandatory to enter from that gate only. If guest has booked (by mistake) any hotel/resort which is far away from that gate, then it becomes big problem for smooth safari drives.

Cons of Full Vehicle Safari

When their are pros of certain privilege then we should also consider about the associated cons, associated with those privilege to take best decision.
  • Costly: Full vehicle permit is costly in compare to single seat permit safari. If you are 1 or 2 or 3 person, in total, then Full vehicle safaris proves costly if our budget is low.
  • Heavy Cancellation Loss: As we pay high fee for each Full-day safari drive so in case of any cancellation, due to any reason, its major part will be forfeited thus loss will be heavy in compare to Single seat permit where only ticket amount will be at risk till we reach entrance gate.
  • Rain Cancelation Loss: Although core zones safari period is from October to June month, in which chances of rainfall in negligible but it has been seen that monsoon reaches in mid of June month. In case of any rainfall, if forest department cancels the safari drive, no refund is provided to safari customers. In such case, loss of full-vehicle permit holder is more than single-seat permit holder.
  • Limited Add-on: In full-vehicle permit, Forest Department allows permission to add 1 to 4 visitors per vehicle, if seats are vacant with condition that ticket should have been purchased with minimum 02 person and only one chance of add-on will be provided.
  • Permit Black-marketing: Due to facility of add-on, most of the safari ticket black-marketeers use to target Full-vehicle safari permits and never try on Single-seat permits. Due to this fact, mostly full-vehicle permits gets sold out first. These black marketeers are none other than hoterliers, local gypsy operators, travel agents etc.
  • Probability: In terms of probability to get safari permit, it has been seen that full-vehicle permits gets sold-out before single-seat permit.


In order to book Full-vehicle permit for Pench national park, we need following information:
  • Full name of visitors
  • Father/Husband Name
  • Age
  • Gender
  • ID-type (Passport/Adhaar Card/ PAN Card/Voter ID Card / Govt. Approved ID card)
  • ID Number (For Foreigner, only Passport is treated as ID document)
Regarding the documents required for safari booking, we have provided the commonly used Id documents. For foreigner tourists, as mentioned above, only active passport is treated as his/her Id document. Other options are for Indian citizens. If their is any school going child (Indian national), above 05 years age, whose ID documents is not yet made, may carry their school-id card as his/her Id document. All the visitors (except child below 05 years) should must carry their original Id document, during all safari drives. Forest department retains the right to bar the entry from safari to those visitors who are not carrying their Id documents during safari drive.

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